Entertainment from A to Z

Not only a nice combination of the first letters of my first and last name, but also various possibilities in the field of entertainment to make your party complete.

Kids: Children's disco, fairy tale princesses, craft activities, face painting, glitter tattoos.

Events: Dancers (choreography & gogo) Hostesses, Champagne ladies, Walking tables, Fl├╝gel girls, Polaroid girls, Show girls, Walk-on girls, Grid girls, Ring girls and Candy girls.

Specials: Stiltwalkers, Rollerskategirls, Presenters, Actresses, Models, Illusionists show,

Ballerina act, Acrobatics, Nitro girls (ice pass prepared with nitrogen), band/singers.

All of the above activities are taken care of from head to toe including styling and/or attributes. Ask for information or a quotation without any obligation.

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